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At Capacity

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'autistic people have no empathy'? I have. I heard it for years before my diagnosis. I've heard it a thousand times since. I might have even said it at some point. I've read it online and in books and heard it from the mouths of healthcare professionals. The autistic spectrum is vast. Perhaps there are some individuals skating the lines who struggle with empathy, but to make a definitive statement such as, 'autistic people have no empathy', is ignorant at best. Empathy is something I have struggled with my whole life. It's something I drank heavily for ten years to dull down. It's something that strikes me down palpably, like a scalding poker singeing my skin. My theory - and perhaps someone else will have theorised this too - is that autism is a sixth sense. We feel and experience everything so viscerally. The whole world is too much to handle, that's why we have meltdowns. We are constantly overloaded by the sensory

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