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Today I feel great. Which is an unbelievable achievement considering I just spent about four days in bed. My autism causes profound mood swings due to sensory overload. This in turn leads to meltdowns, which results in days on end in bed. Bed is safe. It sounds unhealthy, but don't tell me to get out of bed. Depressives might need to be encouraged to get out of bed (I don't know, I'm not a major depressive), but for me, I need this. It is my therapy. My rejuvenation. My reset. I emerged little by little over the past couple of days. Yesterday I managed to get out of bed around midday and actually spent some time outside, having a walk. Today I was able to get straight out of bed and have been working in my kitchen all morning. The thought of doing that a couple of days ago was agony. The idea of looking at any of my uni work was utterly impossible. Yesterday I listened to a podcast about autism and they said something that summed up my entire life so well. I must share it w

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