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Would I be Anxious in an Autistic World

Just as I’ve heard some trans individuals remark that they wouldn’t feel the need for surgery if the world wasn’t gendered in binary terms, I feel that if I didn’t live in a neurotypical world I might not suffer with the mental health conditions I do. The world has been created for neurotypical humans. Neurotypical means non-autistic/ADHD/atypical. It’s an extremely stressful world for autistic people. When I quit drinking, I discovered I needed medication to keep me stable. I am currently taking Prozac for depression and Pregabalin for anxiety. For twelve years I believe I subconsciously self-medicated with alcohol. When that was stripped away, I was left low and riddled with anxiety. I lost my relationship and gained a lot of perspective about who I was and what I needed in order for my life to feel fulfilled. Everything I thought I’d wanted was forgotten. When I drank, I fit into the neurotypical world. I wanted to get married and have babies and cohabit and spend time with stranger

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